BoaCompra – By Pagseguro

Expanding your business to Brazil, Mexico and Chile?

What you will learn in this free white paper:

  • Essential statistics including internet penetration rates and e-commerce market sizes;
  • Detailed guidance on the preferred payment methods and country specific advice for checkout optimization;
  • Guidance on payment ecosystem regulation, including taxes and the shipping process;
  • Financial and political trends in each country, and their potential impact on the international e-commerce merchant;
  • And more.

Did you know that

  • 63%

    Of the Mexican population don’t have a bank account. (2017)

  • 22%

    Of credit cards in Brazil are enabled for international transactions.

  • 45.8%

    Of e-commerce sales in Brazil were made in installments. (2018)

  • 73.5%

    Of the Chilean population have access to the internet. (2018)

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